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Carving pine

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  • Carving pine

    I just cut out a santa bear from a piece of soft pine.

    I have never carved a pine, this guy said it's good stuff.

    What's ya'll 's opinion ?

    1. can I use of expenseve knife's ?

    2. Use the home made steak knife ?

    3. Forget, and stay with basswood and aspan ?

    I check back after 'Charley' the Hurricane clears Sarasota Fl.

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    Re: Carving pine

    You can carve pine with the same tools you use for carving basswood. I'm assuming you are talking 'sugar' pine .. a good piece will not have any sap lines in it and should be relatively lightweight. It takes a little getting use to, especially if you are use to carving on basswood. The grain of the pine can tend to rip up ..if you find that happening, carve the other direction. It is more difficult to carve details like eyes, but not impossible. Pick a piece that isn't real detailed for your first attempt.


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      Re: Carving pine

      You can use whatever tools you want xxx there are many kinds of pine, each with different characteristics xxx Don't be afraid to try the different kinds of wood. If you limit yourself to basswood and aspen you are missing out on some great experiences (and some not so great). Have fun and experiment.


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        Yep, what he said!!


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          Re: Carving pine

          Thanks for the info. This pine seems ok, it has the features everyone describe. I learned as I was cutting and strop often.

          I guess soft pine is the same as sugar pine.

          My project is a santa bear, 18 inches tall 6 inches wide with a santa hat and holding a fish. Looking up at him is a 4X3 baby bear with a hat.
          It can be a door stop or put other places. Each piece is cut seperate.

          Simple project, but slow going in pine.

          Gonna do another one in soft maple. Like ya'll said try other woods.

          Thanks for the replies

          After having prepared 4 hours to hurricane protect our house, all we got was moderate rain and 30 mph gust. And I'll do it again on the next round.


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            Re: Carving pine

            Try wetting the pine with water , using a spray bottle and see how nice it carves. Big Al


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              Re: Carving pine

              Big Al is right. It carves better when wet. I also mix a little rubbing alcohol with the water.


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