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Got a chunk of Tupelo.

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  • Got a chunk of Tupelo.

    I got a 4'x6'x12' chunk of tupelo wood today and haven't decided what to carve. I have seen carvings out of tupelo and heard carvings talk about tupelo wood. Any tips or suggestions. The little bride was thinking on Santa Clauses. No peace around here any more! : Actually, I do like having her around and asking question. At least then she isn't badgering me to do something to the house.
    Safety first, then enjoy carving! Ken Caney, Ks

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    Re: Got a chunk of Tupelo.

    I wish my wife would give it a try. I've got a three day weekend starting Saturday and I just know she'll have a few things for me to do :'( I've got at least a half dozen carvings started, one done needing painting, and alot of ideas for more, but having gone back to work two months ago took away too many hours of every day :'( :'( :'(

    Kenny, with a piece of stock that size, you might want to do a duck decoy or something similar. You could always set it on the bench and sit back admiring it for awhile and let it tell you what's inside. It really will if you pay attention and listen to it!


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