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  • Cypress???

    I bought a half dozen cypress knees on Ebay awhile back, I think they cost roughly $5 each and they were all peeled. Once I put a knife to the first one, I fell in love! Those knees where the lightest, nicest carving wood I have tried (mostly I carve hard wood I pickup back in the woods or the yard).

    My big question: How is bald cypress for carving? The knees are great, but I don't believe I have read anyplace where anyone has mentioned carving cypress itself.


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    Re: Cypress???

    I've carved it and like it I've done several spoons out of it. it carves like walnut and alot easier to get( for me anyway I live in SE georgia it's everywhere)
    Honey, Where are the band-aids, again?


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      Re: Cypress???

      welll I posted, I thought, maybe I didn't hit the button? anyway, I have never carved cypress, but heard it is hard on the knives, is that true?


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        Re: Cypress???

        Thanks mactruck, I think I'll try to get some, I really like carving the knees.

        Dave, the knees haven't hurt my knives or chisels a bit. They actually like the knees so much, they strop themselves when I turn out the lights


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          Re: Cypress???

          I accidently carved MY knee once. Once was a learning tool! :
          Safety first, then enjoy carving! Ken Caney, Ks


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            Re: Cypress???

            Hi Ho,
            I havn't found to bad on blades, i just strop a bit more.
            When a carving is first done it has a color like dark butter then ages to a nice golden brown tone. The grain is not very visible.
            Honey, Where are the band-aids, again?


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