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  • Puzzle Cutting Video

    In response to an overwhelming number of requests (actually 3), I entered a new world and made a 3-minute video with my digital camera and put in on YouTube. It's just my fingers cutting a few pieces and explaining a little.

    I should tell you that I had to scrap a couple of the videos because I couldn't put the pieces together fast enough when I had finished cutting them.

    So, with sincere apologies for the amateurish nature of this, here it is:

    Enjoy.....and have phun.....Carter

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    wow carter this is just amazing, wonderful video and narration and it's great to see a pro at work, so dont stop there, more, more,more..

    thank you so much..


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      Nicely done Carter. You make it seem so easy. I can't wait for the full length feature.

      Thanks for the demo.

      Mike C.
      Mike C.


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        Very nice Carter . You included a lot of information in a short time.
        Thanks for that.


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          That's cool Carter. Now it makes a lot more sense to me. Hopefully it continues to make cents for you.

          Shoot for the moon. If you miss you'll be headed for a star!


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            Thank you Carter. Your video has inspired me to try a puzzle. I echo what Bob wrote, keep 'em coming, the vidoes that is!!!


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              AMAZING! Thanks for the demo and very informative narration. Excellent video!
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                Hi Carter,
                No wonder they call you the Guru puzzle maker. Just amazing, how fast you do that.
                Mery Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your wife.
                SD Mike


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                  I watched and was amazed. You make it look so easy. I know who I will ask questions of when I attempt one myself.

                  Oh by the way. Another puzzle maker video popped up after yours, it was news footage from ABC of a "pro" puzzle maker, and so you know you moved as easily if not more so then he did. They said he was one of only 3 full time puzzle makers, are you one of those three?

                  Here is there video of him if you wanted to see it. He is not giving tips, just being interviewed while he cuts.
                  Brad R.
                  18" Craftsman Pro


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                    Thank you so much make it look so easy, and you definitely have a movie voice. Looking forward to a sequel.
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                      Thanks for that video. Very, very impressive. You cut in less then 3 minutes what it takes me about 10 minutes to cut. And your control and turning speed is awesome.

                      Paul S.


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                        Many, many thanks, folks, for your kind comments. Those are some nice responses on a Saturday night. That's what makes it all worthwhile.

                        Brad, the guy you refer to is Mark Cappitella, a friend whom I met when we both first started twelve years ago. He decided to make a profession of it whereas I made up my mind early I did not want to sell my puzzles. Mark, on the other hand, has really been a success, pulling in multi-six figures and charging about $1.75 per puzzle piece. He has an amazing web site at

                        After Stave and Elms Puzzles, both of whom employ puzzle cutters, Mark works alone and is the third most popular puzzle maker in the country. There are others who do it as a full time business, not very many but certainly more than three (I know cause we've met together).

                        Most other puzzle makers cut much more artistic puzzle pieces than I do, but I'm pretty sure I'm the most severe color line cutter of all of us.

                        Great PHUN.........Carter


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                          G'day Carter,
                          That was excellent. If can get my speed up to a third of yours, I'd be ecstatic
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                            Great video ! I hope you don't mind, Carter, but I've already posted a link to it over on the UKWorkshop forum. Everyone who's interested in scrolling ought to see you in action.

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                              Wonderfull demonstration! Seeing the video makes me want to get back into making puzzles (your way). I have several ready to be cut but going to wait until I open my new Dewalt 788 for Christmas. The ones I made a few months ago were cut with a Dremel 1680. A guy told me the Dewalt 788 will do much better than the Dremel far as cutting sharp turns because of the way it was set up. Not sure why but soon will find out.
                              Just wish I had half your talent, speed and quality. Take care and wishing you and yours a "Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year"!


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