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Source for 5-Ply poplar plywood?

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  • Source for 5-Ply poplar plywood?

    Hello All,
    I have been asked to make a few puzzles as gifts and was wondering if anyone could recommend a source for 5-ply poplar plywood?
    I had cut a few puzzles some time ago and don't remember where i purchased the plywood from.

    Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.

    Thank you
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      I checked out this website and it looks like this product could make a pretty decent backer board.


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        Are you using it as a backer or to cut the puzzle from? I’ve found any plywood I got from Lowe’s had a lot of voids. I use poplar for all my puzzles. Well I was going to post a few pictures but the photo library is empty again. Only happens on this site.

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          I have never had much success with the stuff from Lowes. I did a quick internet search in your area. Nothing really popped up on your side of the river but I found this place in Poughkeepsie First Cut Custom Woodworks and Affordable Granite and Cabinetry in Fishkill.

          BTW I grew up and lived 40 years in Dutchess County.
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            Any reason why you wouldn't want to use Baltic Birch ply? I think ApplePly would be another good option for puzzles, but it's more expensive, I believe.
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              Check with the cabinet shops in your area. They know the sources of good cabinet ply.

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