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  • Puzzle storage boxes

    I vaguely remember many years ago a post that addressed the dimensions you would need for a box to hold a given size puzzle. I was asked to make a puzzle (retirement gift) and I would like to make a presentation box to go along with it. My attempts to search for that post came up empty. Does anyone remember this or have some idea how to estimate the box volume needed for a given size puzzle?

    . . . because each piece will be someone's heirloom someday.
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    I second that request....


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      Hello Bruce.

      This is not a perfect formula for puzzle pieces but will get you close enough. Width x Length x Height. If the puzzle is 12 inch x 12 inch x 0.25 inch = 36 square inches in volume. If the puzzle pieces were very small, or you stacked them side by side, then you would need a box with an inside volume of at least 36 inches, which is a box of 4 inches x 3 inches x 3 inches.

      If the pieces are about a half inch in size I would add about 20% to each dimension for air, nobs and a bag or packing material. Now the box is 5 x 3.5 x 3.5 = 61.25 square inches. If the puzzle pieces are bigger you will need to add a greater percentage.

      Having said all that, Carter Page told me his secret. For him, the formula was too much math. (And he admitted he never accounted for the packing material correctly.) The box choice method that worked for him was to cut the puzzle, and reassembling as he cut to make sure all the pieces were there. Then he moved the pieces to a plastic container as he was counting to get the puzzle piece total. The plastic container's dimensions, and to what level the pieces filled the container, then told him how big a box he needed. ; )

      Practical experience and math working together.

      Michael Mayrend
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