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Independence Hall jig saw puzzle

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  • Independence Hall jig saw puzzle

    Thanks to some help from the forum, I did a better job on the figurals for this puzzle. I also remembered to spray my picture with some lacquer first, let it dry, and then attached the pictures of the figurals. My aunt took the picture of Independence Hall. I'll probably end up giving it to her.

    I had to crop it a bit to get it down to a file size that would load. It was fun to cut. I'm anxious to cut some more.

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    Great job on the figurals!!!



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      Nice job Keith. You thinking of making some puzzles to sell?
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        Thinking about it but I would have to include another picture of the scene and box it up. Right now they are just fun.


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          Martzy, nice job on the figuarls.

          * If I recall from one of your previous posts, the yellow paper behind the figural drawing is the Post-Notes witht he stick-um on the hole sheet?

          * Do you cut the figurals first and then fit the puzzle to those cutouts.

          Thank you for sharing.
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            You're right about the Post-Its. I found them at Staples. They are almost full page sticky on the back. I just cut out puzzle pieces until I got close to the figural and then cut toward it, put in a key, and then cut around the figural. Once it was cut out, I made sure to cut pieces around it making sure to key them all together.


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