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    This is my latest puzzle. I tried a different style on this one. I'm thinking of calling this style "pond scum" because it looks like a bunch of amoebas swimming around. I also put in a few figurals on this one. The figurals are kind of small in relation to the general size of the puzzle pieces so I will have to make the pieces smaller on the next puzzle in relation to the figurals or make the figurals larger.

    One unique thing about this puzzle is the protective coating on the puzzle. My wife had a lot of Thomas Kinkade callendar pictures laminated with plastic sheets to a colored paper backing for use in her school class. I cut the plastic edges off of the lamination so I could separate the picture from the paper backing which left the picture with the plastic lamination on the front of the picture. Then I glued the picture to the plywood with Aleen's Tacky glue. I found that when I cut the puzzle that the edges seemed sharper with less fuzz on the surface of the puzzle pieces. This worked so well that I am going to use this lamination process on other puzzles that I make. This plastic lamination gives a very tough protective coating to the puzzles.

    The main problem with this puzzle is the plywood that I used. It is supposed to be Baltic Birch, but it was of low quality and it had some big voids in the center plys. There are some pieces that almost half of the piece has no wood in the center ply. This puzzle was mostly for practice for puzzle cutting, but it is still frustrating to put that much work into a project and wind up with some bad pieces. I am certianly going to make sure I have better plywood for my puzzles in the future.
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    Looks very good! A lot of your pieces have a nice relaxed look to them.

    Here's how to fix your void: Mix enough wood glue to your sawdust to make a smooth paste, and pack it into the voids. I have found, with Carter's suggestion, that a jeweler's screwdriver is an excellent puzzle repair tool. After drying and rough shaping, assemble the pieces and put them through the saw at slow speed to trim the filler. Your pieces will look fine.



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      That's great Bill, really organic look to the pieces. Where do the figural patterns come from?

      I like the overall style, it has an Edwardian feel to it which is very attractive.

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        I think it's fantastic! Was the puzzle your own design? I like the figures mixed in too!

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          I'm glad to hear about the lamination. I was going to try that myself rather than spray glaze. Good looking puzzle, too.

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            Chris, I just got the figurals from the internet, I just did a google search for silhouettes and then I adjusted them to the sizes I wanted.

            Mia, I cut the puzzle pieces out with no pattern except for the figurals. I just made up each piece as I cut it.

            Mike, the lamination worked very well. If I didn't give a good enough description on how I did it, please ask and I will try to make it clearer.

            I have an RBI Hawk 220-3 VS

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