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"Remembering Those Important" Multilayered Jigsaw Puzzle

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  • "Remembering Those Important" Multilayered Jigsaw Puzzle

    I came across this artwork in a store last year, and I purchased it right away. I loved the scene of Santa, stopping in the winter woods to offer the animals apples from his big bag. After removing it from the frame, I mounted the picture which was fairly large at about 16" x 20" onto Mahogany plywood, and proceeded to design and cut it into a multilayered jigsaw puzzle for my children to enjoy during the Holidays.

    I had hoped to have it done for this past Christmas, but for various reasons it ended up on the back burner for a while until I recently had opportunity to complete it. This puzzle took a pretty good investment of time to complete, and it's components range from one to five 1/4" layers of thickness.

    I embellished the puzzle with elevated snowflake figurals (of various thicknesses to improve the illusion of depth).

    Perhaps the most challenging part of this puzzle was crafting the intertwining evergreens on the left hand side of Mrs. Gelsinger's artwork, which stand the highest above everything else.

    I loved being able to bring the doves out by elevating those pieces also. The flying dove really looks to be flying! It's not easy to see in the pictures, but Santa's bag rises above the background as well.

    I tried to be careful not to distort Santa's face with my kerf lines by directing my blade along his glasses, and by following the texture of his beard. To add further enhancement, I further elevated the "pom" on his hat, and the lantern he is holding, to make both stand more proud.

    Shawn Ferguson

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    Of course, Buff the Magic Dragon had to visit such a peaceful and delightful scene, and can be seen flying among the Birch trees.

    Here is my official puzzle modeler, showing off the size of the piece. It's pretty heavy, so I'm glad he didn't drop it!

    Merry Christmas everyone (a few months late)!!

    Shawn Ferguson

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      A big WOW from Albany, NY.

      Is 5 layers a record now?

      A really beautiful piece indeed. Just amazing and real talent!

      There must be a 'patent pending' on the technique.

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        Thanks, Brian!

        I've done 7 layers twice so far:

        As total size goes, however, this one has the largest number of multilayered pieces I've done in one puzzle I think. Lots of blade changing. Lots of gluing.
        Shawn Ferguson

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          Shawn, that is just amazing. I have patience when scroll sawing but this is
          be on me. Beautiful.
          SD Mike


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            And one very happy son!

            Looking forward to seeing more of your work "up close and personal" in a few weeks, and seeing Jeremy now one year older. (But not us!)

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              Great work Shawn! I never tire of admiring the beautiful work that members like you produce and share.


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                As always a masterpiece.
                "Still Montana Mike"

                "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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                  Shawn, WoW!
                  Masterful and Creative, description enough, they are not! (As one Master might say).

                  That is a beautiful piece made with love and patience that will be evident for a lifetime . . . and beyond.

                  Way to go, Dad. You hit that one out of the ball park.
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                  About Leaving Battlegrounds Alone
                  "~~ Molly Venter


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                    Shawn, you just keep raising the bar higher and higher! What a great job!



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                      On the picture with the face of Santa, I was taken a back a little because the pieces are very reminiscent of "Par" pieces. If you have looked close at an older Par Puzzle, you see the space between interlocks are not one smooth cut. Like on your Santa face they zig - zag, but not sharply, you cut them perfectly. I like cutting the larger puzzles, they are more of a commitment, but you can relax and just focus on the cutting. Love your model,His smile says it all, and the little sand snake that keeps the spring chill out!
                      How many pieces?



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                        Wow! What a fantastic puzzle. I appreciate your assistant holding the give me perspective of size.
                        Salmo Puzzles
                        Hawk G4 and DW788

                        So many pieces to cut ... so little time.


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                          Thanks, everyone!

                          Dee, you know i'm not even sure of the piece count, as I haven't counted them yet. I would estimate somewhere in the neighborhood of 300, though.
                          Shawn Ferguson

                          Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !


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                            absolutely have taken the art form to new heights........see ya soon....

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                            "The Journey is the Reward"


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                              Great work, Shawn,
                              I don't quite understand why the tree would be any more difficult than the other
                              shimmed pieces.
                              Anyway, I really enjoyed all the photos and the results of all your time and efforts
                              were well worth it.
                              Thanks for sharing and God Bless! Spirithorse


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