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"Rapunzel's Tower" Multilayered Tray Style Jigsaw Puzzle

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  • "Rapunzel's Tower" Multilayered Tray Style Jigsaw Puzzle

    I'm sorry I have not had the time to share many of my puzzles on the forum the past several months, as I've been busy, busy, busy....

    I thought I would share a newer type of puzzle I am designing which incorporates my multidimensional puzzles into a tray style concept. I hope you like it.

    "Rapunzel's Tower" was cut this weekend as a gift for my daughter for her 15th birthday. The image was cut from a children's book I had purchased.

    Here is a picture of the "tray", which is about 9" x 9" square, and 1" thick. The decorative margins are covered with typical jigsaw puzzle paper, while the base is mahogany, finely sanded and finished with shellac.

    The yellow fabric pouch contains the puzzle pieces.

    Here is my daughter assembling the puzzle, with the pieces fitting within the circular tray.

    And here it is fully put together.

    Shawn Ferguson

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    To give you a better idea of the multidimensional aspect, I have taken a few pictures at more of an angle. There are three distinct layers to this puzzle, with the background being one thick, the tower and most of the birds being two thick, and the foreground tree and the rooftop birds being three thick. The border of the tray is confluent in thickness with the three layered pieces.

    Here, Rapunzel speaks with her feathered friends, and you can see that the inside of her tower is also recessed to a narrower thickness.

    Of course, I have a few "secrets" hiding in the puzzle, one of which is a personal figural for my daughter, but here is one I can friend Trevor the Turtle can be found taking a stroll down a nearby tree trunk....

    .....and of course, Buff the Magic Dragon is spending his afternoon flying with the birds!

    I hope you enjoyed seeing my little puzzle. I really had a fun time crafting it, and I think my daughter really, really loved it!

    Shawn Ferguson

    Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !


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      That is SO totally AWESOME!!!!

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        Wow. I am impressed. I don't have the faintest idea how you figured out all of that. Great job.


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          Oh my gosh, Shawn, that's beautiful!

          What kind of wood did you use for the pieces? How did you cut it?
          That's a treasure for sure.
          Loving my big yellow saw....


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            Earl and Sue, you'll find a tutorial for my multilayering approach stickied to the top of the puzzles forum. It can take a lot longer than traditional puzzle cutting, and attention has to be given to careful planning and avoiding beveling your blade while cutting, but i really like how they come out and i think they're worth the effort.

            Sue, i used maple ply for all of the puzzle pieces, and the outside walls of the tray. The base of the tray is mahogany.
            Shawn Ferguson

            Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !


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              Hi Shawn, Once again that is awesome. I took your class at the last open house & I still don't think that I could figure out how to make one of those. Someday I may just have to try
              Thanks for sharing and hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday.


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                Gee, my dad never made stuff like that for me (sigh!) . . .

                Lucky girl, lucky dad. I enjoy your family tales as much as your beautiful puzzles.

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                  absolutely beautiful and the image.....great job!!!

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                    OVER THE TOP AGAIN

                    Shawn, you are the best, thanks for sharing.

                    Happy birthday to your lovly daughter.

                    BE WELL
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                      Amazing adaptation of a really nice image. Are you going to be presenting again at the next open house? I don't think I will be so I will have time to sit in on some presentations.
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                        Just beautiful,,,,,,more can't*be said. As someone already stated, it's AWESOME.



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                          Great job again Shawn!
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                            Thanks gang!!

                            Donna, I have to admit, it was a bit challenging covering the multidimensional techniques during my 2014 Open House class. The topic was worked into part of my "advanced" techniques class, but due to time budgets, I was able to really just give a taste of it (with hopefully people wanting to learn more. ). The technique, and all you can do with it, can really use a class all of it's own I think.

                            Rolf, I will be teaching again at the 2015 Open House and am very much looking forward to it!! I think folks will enjoy what I have planned. I'll be staying at a different hotel this time, though, LOL.

                            I can't wait to see everyone again.
                            Shawn Ferguson

                            Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !


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                              It's all fun
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