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  • Tractor Puzzle

    This could easily be in Pattern Requests as well, but maybe a puzzler will see it.

    At the Open House, Judy Peterson showed us how she came to design her tractor puzzle--one of her first if I remember correctly. I am trying to find where that pattern is published, but have not gotten an answer to an inquiry I sent her at her AOL address I found here on the forum.

    Any help appreciated.
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    I have a tractor puzzle pattern but I can't recall where I obtained it so it just might be copyrighted by someone. Therefore I can't post it. Essentially it is a tractor that appears on road signs.

    Now, you can create your own. Just "Google" tractor images for the tractor sign that appears on roads. Then you can create your own design. I didn't like the farmer's hat in the image so I changed it to a baseball cap style. Hope this helps.

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      Dang! I know that puzzle was published . . . . uh, hmmm, I am pretty sure .. .. .. I think it was this century! But, I am not exactly sure which year. I think I have it scanned at home and I'll try to remember to look it up. For some reason I am thinking it was in the mag that just went BK (that means belly up - in English). I'll try to find it.

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