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  • Puzzle bench video

    Although not made on the scroll saw, this video may may interest some of you puzzle cutters.

    Puzzle-top bench - YouTube
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    He could have done it easier but it turned out nice in the end. Thanks for sharing.
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      That seams like a lot of steps for one little bench, but it sure did come out nice.


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        that's pretty neat
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          Neat Idea. thanks
          Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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          • will8989
            Reply to type of paint
            if you don't have 1200 grit sandpaper, use a brown paper bag wrinkled. I use this all the time. It smooths the paint and I usually don't have to repaint. When I paint that is.
            Yesterday, 11:29 PM
          • wjbclocks1
            Reply to type of paint
            what I do is spray the parts with shellac first.the light sand before I paint. or just spray with flat white paint as a primer,.
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          • Misouri Wayne
            Reply to type of paint
            Misouri Wayne
            A light sanding will smooth out some items. Know that is not always the solution though. I have wet some items down good, let dry, sanded and then painted. This helps some. There are some clear overcoats that can be put on. Just got some yesterday and waiting to try them
            Yesterday, 08:57 PM
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            Hey Dan, the paints you are using are water based. They will raise the grain of the wood which is the roughness you feel. It's common practice to sand the piece after the first coat to remove the raised grain. Use a high grit sandpaper like 1200-1500 grit. After sanding the first coat, you should be...
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            I am looking for suggestions as to what kind of paint to use. I use the cheap acrylic craft paints like you get at walmart. The good things about these paints are they are cheap, great choice of colors, fast drying, good glue and poly adhesion, and easy clean up. What I do not like about these paints...
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