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    I was working on a puzzle a few years back with a Mayan theme, yesterday I was looking at a photo of it's back when I noticed a detail I thought was worth sharing. When cutting a whimsey with hair like or really thin protrusions, we just simply cut those protrusions off, but sometimes those hair like details define what the whimsey is.
    In the bottom right hand side of the picture there is a snake (not a worm) because of that detail of the tongue. You can add cut lines to adjoining pieces to make those fine details and when the puzzle is put together your whimsey will make perfect sense. Also this puzzle had a fantastic double "S" border.
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    That is VERY cool! great work..
    Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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      First, I think you should post a pic of the entire piece! Both, front and back. Second, That is a great suggestion and design idea.
      Thanks for that tidbit. It is stuff like that which makes this 'community' a pleasure in which to participate.

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