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Waterfall Puzzle

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  • Waterfall Puzzle

    Got this idea while attending the 2014 show and finally got it completed.
    12 layers, 182 pieces, some figurals, some of the layer "frames" (dark outside) are in one piece and some multiple pieces.

    I was talking about doing this to a guy I was fishing with and he said there is a spring in Missouri that has outlets on an upper and lower level and drop between them. Hope he can find a photo of it.
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    "Time to Give Back"

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    I really like that, Wayne!

    The concept is similar to some of the stuff Chris Yates likes to cut. What makes this design stand out, I think, is the irregular outside edging on the "tray(s)." It really gives it a sedimentary rock appearance, I think.

    What kind of wood did you use? From the bottles in the background, I'm guessing you used acrylics?
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    Shawn Ferguson

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      Unique to say the least. Nicely done.
      "Still Montana Mike"

      "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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        I love the 3d-ness! The waterfall is brilliant.

        I may need to steal this idea and extend my koi pond into multiple pools.


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          Great job Wayne,
          Your cutting is really nice, how long have you been cutting puzzles? I too like how the sides look like stone.


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            Wood was 1/4 inch birch. Yes, finished with acrylics.
            Guess I need to clean up my backgrounds in the photos.
            Details of three of the layers have been attached.
            Been making puzzles for a couple of years. Scroll saw set there for years without much action because I was trying to work with too thick of wood. Finally set down and learned how to use it. Now my favorite piece of shop equipment.
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            "Time to Give Back"


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              I really like your puzzle and the concept behind its creation


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                Very cool, well executed too. Congratulations on leveling up.
                Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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                  Excellent piece of work!


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                    Its amazing puzzle and idea behind is great. Keep up the great job.


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