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  • Two Great for CLC

    Here are two recently-finished puzzles that are great for color-line cutting for different reasons.

    The first, Sunrise Orchards, is rich in intricate little nooks and crannies for color-line cutting.

    The second, Fishing Paradise, has fewer color line but gas distinct color demarkations that are great for cutting out and cutting intricate deisign within them.

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    Great puzzles, Carter!
    Shawn Ferguson

    Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !


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      Outstanding as always Carter.
      "Still Montana Mike"

      "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
      Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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        i agree with shawn they are both great puzzles...altho sunrise orchards is my fav.....i really like the detail of the image and how you cut the puzzle.....have a happy 4th!!!
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        "The Journey is the Reward"


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          as always great work
          If someone has great passion for what they do, it is not considered work

          Jeff Robinson
          Panama City Fl.
          Cutting with EX-21


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            Thanks again for sharing your stunning puzzles.
            Where do you puzzle guys get your pictures?


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              Mainly from calendars, bought after the first of the year when they go on sale (except once in awhile, when one hits me before Christmas).



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                Are your puzzles still on 1/4" popular? I've tried to buy some but without success.


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                  Yes....I occasionally use 1/4 inch oak, but poplar is my first choice. I get it at Wildwood Designs in Wisconsin. Look 'em up and good luck.



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