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    I am curious as to what people use as the backing for their puzzles. I have seen lots of posts of people using birch plywood (good quality). Just recently--though--I saw a video where the puzzle maker uses 1/4 inch MDF. I have never used MDF and am curious as what everyone thinks about this for puzzle making?

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    I am not a puzzle maker but I hate working with MDF for anything. I think it makes too much very fine dust.
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      I don't like it either, mainly because I don't think it looks quite as nice as plywood, it makes a ton of irritating dust (as mentioned), and worse, it is very high in formaldehyde.
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        I agree I don't like working with MDF. It can be used for your purpose if you like though. It will need to be sealed prior to being painted.
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          It is easy to cut, but the dust can be a health hazard, it takes paint and like products like it was a sponge (the sealer comment is right on) if it is not sealed and you set a liquid on it it can rise up and cant be sanded flat again, it is cheap and very heavy for the size

          It is a personnal choice your health is the bet for sure. I personnal don't use it for any of my scroll projects have used it for work benches (not recomended for the tops due to spills) but even then I wore a mask.


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            Thanks. I appreciate the replies. I didn't think about those issues. I think I will stick with plywood for my puzzles.


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              Shawn (Scrolling Days) has a thread about Formaldehyde. In it he talks about PureBond plywood, available from Home Depot dot com.

              Starting out I suggest you use a good Baltic birch plywood, but as you progress, I am now a big fan of Pure Bond. Just made some ornaments with cedar pure bond. Great stuff!
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