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    This is not really a brag but it's my first puzzle done with the new Axminster saw. So I will brag anyway! Before any copyright people start worrying, I took the photo.

    I was pleased with the result, except that a couple of knobs have necks that are too thin and there are some awkward turns. More importantly the edges got worn and a little frayed with continually spinning the wood. What do other puzzle cutters do to avoid this? Paste wax on the picture?

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    "If you march your Winter Journeys you will have your reward, so long as all you want is a penguin's egg."

    Saws: AWSF18, Meccano Mk II

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    OH WOW Chris-- you did Fantastic. I love the way you did your freehand -- it isn't your typical jigsaw pattern and I am a big lover of jigsaws. I would love to work that bad boy. I saw no flaws in the picture of the cat. I didn't look at the back but to me the back isn't important as the front.
    You deserve a big old HORRAH for your work-- very nice.

    By the way I never cut out a puzzle myself but I would suggest you cover a good coat with Tacky Glue and allow to cure before cutting- and use a two way blade- the blade makes a difference on tearouts.


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      that is so awesome Chris, looks so kewl
      Daryl S. Walters Psycotic scroller with a DeWalt 788


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        That does look good, Chris. Nice first piece with your new toy ..

        What type of blade did you use to cut it?

        Scrolling with a Dewalt 788


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          sawdustus of hiawatha

          Fantastic job. I try to let sleeping tigers lie but you showed me another way to enjoy them. Thanks for sharing.
          A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

          delta 650, hawk G426


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            Sharon: Thanks for the compliments! You are so kind. They must have put some kind of honey on the blade when they cut your pattern! I got hardly any tearout, don't know what the wood is exactly though, I got a pack of A4-sized 5mm ply boards from eBay for not much more than the postage. I read that if you use reverse tooth blades on thin ply it tends to jump the board up at you more, and you can get reverse tearout on the other side? No harm in trying it out though!

            Daryl: Hey, thanks!

            PuzzledMoose: I used a No 1 Yellow Label blade from Hobbies of Dereham (they source from Niqua). Well, I used three of them I will go down to 0 for the next one and then 2/0. The #1 is too loose to pick the puzzle up by the corner, but a loose fit is probably easier for little people to assemble. When my technique is better then I'll most likely put an order in to Mike for some Flying Dutchman special puzzle blades but maybe after the Christmas postal rush.

            On the rubbed edges, it just occurred to me that if a puzzle is going to have a border then it might as well be a natural wood border. That might solve the wear issues neatly. I will try wax too and order some tacky glue and try Sharon's suggestion as well.

            "If you march your Winter Journeys you will have your reward, so long as all you want is a penguin's egg."

            Saws: AWSF18, Meccano Mk II


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              Chris -- sweety on the blades it is a old saying that you get what you pay for.... well you didn't get took to bad but skip e bay and get yourself a good reputable blade man-- I like mike (3 M ) and Will swears by pegesus.. to each his own on the choise but the blades you buy on e bay aren't good blades- A dozen blades are so enexpensive you won't feel bad when you order a ton of them-- I like to order by the gross of every blade I can possibly use and then I know I have a good choice for the job-- blades do I r4epeat DO make a difference in a good quality project or one that is just good for firewood. Rember the finished project is a reflection on you -- what ever you do give it your best and then you can always feel proud.
              But get with a good dealer and get some good blades-- I use spirals and two way only -- no need for any other for me and I don't have tear out on the back.


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                Sharon -

                The wood came from eBay, it is good enough for practise. The blades come from "Hobbies" who used to retail the old Gem treadle fretsaw in the 1920s. They are Niqua blades, the same company who make Flying Dutchman blades. If you go to the bottom left link on their site "Hobbies Archive" you can see their traditional old plans some going back to the turn of the century - and some of which they are still selling fittings for.

                But you are quite right, I want to get the special puzzle blades from Mike's Workshop and I will try reverse tooth and spiral blades as well. Makes sense to try out everything at least once!

                "If you march your Winter Journeys you will have your reward, so long as all you want is a penguin's egg."

                Saws: AWSF18, Meccano Mk II


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