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    Hmmmmmm... I guess I'm a little out of the loop because I never heard of that cutting "style" Does it lock well enough so you can pick it up by an edge piece and it will hold together as you wave it in the air?

    As to the paper lifting, what kind of paper are you using and how are you adhering it to the wood? Are you giving it a protective spray before you start cutting? Can the paper-lifting be fixed? If so, please, please don't throw it away. It's beautifully cut and looks like it would be challenging and enjoyable to put together - and to save as a souvenir.

    Don't be so hard on yourself.


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      Hear are some reasons why I don't think you should just toss it out, if this is your fourth puzzle you should put it in a shoe box and in a year take a look at it to see your improvement. From what I can see a little color from paint our marker would cover that little piece of missing paper. and even if you do not sell it , who would not enjoy putting it together, It is so cute and your cutting looks great! and when I cut a puzzle that I feel I just can't save, I use the good pieces as samples, you only need two ta three interlocking pieces to make a good sample of your work. And last but not least keep it around to remind you of what not to do next time.
      Just my two cents.


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        Awww....I'm a sucker for chipmunks. We've got a ton of them around the yard lately, burrying their goodies for the winter. They're pretty brave, too. I'll be sitting on the porch, and one will come right up to my foot and just sit there for a while.

        I think the puzzle looks really good! I try not to get too tied up in style "nomenclature", as whatever name one cutter gives something, another will call it something different. I know that puzzle experts like Bob Armstrong have put a lot of work into defining different styles from the past, and from a collector's standpoint it can be a useful way of distinguishing different types of puzzles from one another. Having said that, shapes of pieces and locks can be endless, which is the great part of freehand cutting. I can cut pieces that all have zig-zag lightning shaped appendages coming off of them, and call the style "Zeus", but somebody else might call it "geomorph tally-ho".

        In any event, I like your puzzle, and you should definitely hang on to it. I agree with all of the points Dee and Carter both make.
        Shawn Ferguson

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          great job on your for long as its fun to put together and holds together.....thats what its all about.....i agree with dee to put it away and look at it in a year.....i did that and still have my very first puzzle and its amazing what that puzzle will look like to you.....a great way of seeing your progress.....

          i feel that cutting style evolves over time.....i love shawn's "geomorphically thin gee style".....what i did when i started out i checked out other cutter's dee of platinum puzzles and john stokes of custom puzzle craft.....

          pretty soon you'll feel comfortable in your "Puzzle Skin."........keep cutting and publishing those pics......

          "The Journey is the Reward"


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