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  • Happy Parents' Day Puzzle

    So I woke up early this morning to a surprise.....both the kids decided to declare today "Parents' Day" and spent the week secretively creating hand made gifts. I heard my son shuffling around the house a bit after 6 AM, so I figured he was up to something. When I went to check, he ordered me back to bed, else I'd ruin the surprise. A few hours later, the table was all set for breakfast, there were streamers and balloons up (the balloons were limp, since the kids tried to "tie" them shut with tape, since both were unable to knot them, LOL), "Happy Parents Day" signs, and other goodies. It was a great surprise, and really made my day. My son even washed my car a few minutes ago!!

    Anyway, here is one of my gifts. The kids painted cardboard puzzle pieces, and put something they like about me on each of them. Talk about a tear jerker! I haven't had much time to post on the forum the past few months, so I thought I'd share this with everyone.

    Shawn Ferguson

    Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !

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    I think you're doing something right there!

    Congrats. This is definitely one to remember forever. Keep it in mind when they go all teenager on you!



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      It just doesn't get any better than that. You obviously deserve every bit of it. Those are some great kids!
      "Still Montana Mike"

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        absolutely amazing!!!!....great idea....see you and the kids at the parley!!

        "The Journey is the Reward"


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          Tell the gang - again - that they're great, both in skill and creativity!

          Phun! Carter


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            That's the part of parenting that our parents don't tell us about - when it's fun - it is really really fun. Sometimes life just don't get any better than that!

            Happy Parent's Day!

            I've Got A Lot More To Learn
            About Leaving Battlegrounds Alone
            "~~ Molly Venter


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              Thanks, guys......the kids are great, and I'm really proud of them. "Parents' Day" was fantastic.

              Now......I'm wondering if there is a hidden agenda......I've been hearing mutterings of how there should be a "Kids Day."
              Shawn Ferguson

              Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !


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                Your stories are always so interesting, but this one tops them all. Sweeeeet to the max!
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