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Help, process for making these?

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  • Help, process for making these?

    I found these pictures while browsing the internet and they look like fun.

    I don't have a clue what the process is for these though. I am familiar with using two similar shaped boards (MDF puzzles with the finials attached to separate pieces for example) and cutting pieces from one and gluing the other intact piece onto the back. These are throwing me for a loop though.

    I have oodles of ideas in my head if only I knew the process for creating these.

    I'd imagine:
    Make two outline patterns, one of them a % smaller than the other.
    Cut the smaller outline out of thicker stock and make the pieces with this one
    Cut the larger outline out of thin ply for the back.
    But how are the "walls" created to hold the inner pieces? Freehand after the fact?

    Someone help please.

    Here's the site if it helps folks see more pictures.
    Myriad Natural Toys - Play - Wooden and Magnetic Geometric Puzzles

    I've removed your pictures as they are copyright protected. I
    Folks will see what you mean by visiting the site. Thanks for your understanding.
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    I would use segmentation. Take 1 thick board and 1 backer/thin board and tape together. I use double sided tape. Cut the outside first. Then seperate the backer board from the thick board. Set the backer board aside, then cut the rest of the pattern, which includes the inside of the outer wall . Sand down and shape all pieces. Paint them. Take the outer wall & glue to backer board and re-assemble the rest of the pieces. Just a note - make sure that your table is level and all pieces should fit together nicely.
    By the way, when getting ideas from the web, please make sure that it is not copy-righted.
    Good Luck


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      Even though it is someone else's work those things generate some nice ideas.

      I like your idea. You should run with it.

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        Thanks for the help. Now I just have to figure out what type of wood to work with.

        I'm not too worried about breaking copyright rules. I like the patterns shown but I have some ideas of my own as well. I was mostly seeking advice on the build process so I could make similarly constructed pieces. Also, I don't sell any of my work.

        Thanks again for your help


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