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  • Last 2 from this batch

    Here are two more puzzles cut from the pictures I posted in my March 12 thread. (the fifth is a farm scene that I may not get to for awhile).

    Winter Feeders is a little one, only 120 pieces, but a stickler because of all the grey. The pieces can best be seen in the back view. It's about nine inches tall. I like cutting these small ones every so often, especially when they present a little challenge.

    My wife Jean has not assembled Artist's View yet. It's 300 pieces and a bit large (12 x 13.5). The pieces cut from the windows have little orientation to color lines so they're trickier to put together. I used butterfly locks about helf the time. By the way, as I entered this puzzle in my log book, I realized that it's the 745th full-size puzzle I've cut in the past nearly 20 years. Makes me exhausted just to think about it!!!

    As usual, I hope they give you some ideas.

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    745th!.........I'm looking forward to your 1,000th, Carter!

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous puzzles with us, as always. I'm particularly fond of "Winter Feeders." We have a nice arch window off the family room, and I hang a bird seed bell off a shepherd's hook right outside it each week. When the squirrels aren't trying to attack it, it seems to really attract the cardinals, and I love watching them.
    Shawn Ferguson

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      i concur with shawn....beautiful....i too have feeders in my backyard and enjoy watching the birds....i love them both but the artists view is amazing.....i can see on the back how the gray will be a challenge.....745!!!....WOW......number 1000 has to be something our of this world!!!!!!.......great job..

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        That is an amazing number of puzzles. However, I think the puzzles reflect the skill you have developed making that many puzzles.



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