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    for all you aleene's users i have a ?....i just opened a new bottle of the glue and noticed that the consistency is like toothpaste.....the previous bottle was more liquid.....i purchased the newer bottle last month at michael's when they had a sale.....and i has never been opened till tonight....

    has anybody else experienced this with aleene's glue?..

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    I haven't had much experience using liquid Aileen's, Bob, so I can't say.....but it sounds like something funky is going on with your glue. Is there an expiration date on it?

    On a slightly related note, I experimented with some Aileen's spray on glue recently and had some pretty nice results with it.
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      I do not use this type of glue either, but I have had similar issues before. I usually just add a little water to it (but I use water based wood glue), in order to get the consistency that I need, when it is a little thick for my liking.

      Good Luck



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        Normally glues have an open shelf life of 1 year but last almost forever in an unopened container.

        Here is their web site. I would contact them.

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          I've used ATG for about 15 years. Some batches do seem thicker than others, but they all spread thin and even pretty easily with a plastic least for me. If it won't do that, chuck it and get another - or another Tacky Glue brand.

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            Did it get frozen at some time?


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              I'd take it to the store and ask for an exchange it sounds like old stock to me.
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                Originally posted by wood-n-things View Post
                I'd take it to the store and ask for an exchange it sounds like old stock to me.
                I would take it back too. Most retailers rotate their stock to prevent problems like this.

                Most of them will replace a product that is defective, at least the good ones will.
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                  thanks for the comments....i did use it and it works ok...and i sorta like the toothpaste like consistency......and i did notify aleen' response yet......but i think it will take it back.....

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                    I have a bottle of the "original" flavor here (in the gold colored bottle) and while not quite as thick as toothpaste, it does require a putty knife to apply. I tried using a piece of cardboard to spread the glue but it required something stiffer.


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                      Hi Bob

                      I bought some ATG and found that it is a PVA (polyvinylacetate) and can buy generic PVA in bulk for much cheaper. I do use smaller bottles of the stuff decanted (including the ATG bottle). PVA is water based and the consistency does vary, but it always spreads well even when thick. I use either plastic scrapers or small rubber rollers to apply it.



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                        thanks again guys....I actually use a scraper/squigge thingee to apply the glue....thanks for the heads up on the pva.......

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