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  • Here's 2 of 'em

    Hello again....

    On March 12 I started a thread called "Future Puzzles" with photos of five pictures I had mounted and ready to cut into puzzles. I'm please to show you the first two.

    "Mocha" turned out to be a really phun puzzle to put together. All the cups at left and right are pieces unto themselves. It's colorful and not too challenging: perhaps good for a family project. Roughly 260 pieces

    "CocaCola" is another story. Many of you were intrigued by the picture of this one. My wife hasn't done it yet, but I think it's going to be a toughie. It's 300+ pieces, with each of the many sections forming mini-puzzles. It's hard to see the cuts from the front view. The back view shows them better, except for some very fine cuts around and below the center at left. I wondered why I began to break blades suddenly, and then discovered I was using the 8/0 jewelers blades I use for cutting postage stamp puzzles. I immediately went back to my trustworthy FD Superior Puzzle blades.

    And the last photo? That's a current picture of Wendy, now 40 pounds, 6 years old, ultra-soft fur, healthy and the friendliest dog I have ever witnessed, which is amazing considering the amount of terrier and chow she has in her (she has a blue-black tongue). She's the one we "rescued" with a lung infection, heartworm and pregnant.

    Phun! Carter
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    Carter, Carter, were do you get the patience to cut all the puzzles.
    Just great like always. Thank you for showing them
    FD Mike
    SD Mike


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      Great puzzles, Carter, and wonderful to see that Wendy is doing so well. She must have loving "parents" !
      Shawn Ferguson

      Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !


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        omg!.....they're fantastic......I love the separate cups....and you are totally out of control on the coke puzzle.....I love them both.....what a cute dog!.....great job...

        "The Journey is the Reward"


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          Great puzzles You do a very fine job Maybe some day I ll try somwthing like those. Just not sure i ever will have the time. Sands are running down hill faster than i would like . lol


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            I can't believe that dog is 40 lbs. I think that must be an 'older' picture. As to the puzzles, The coke pic is simply cut great. I remember when you first showed it and I thought it would be a hard cut; however, you worked it wonderfully and it looks like it would be fun, fun, fun. What I like with the koffee kup pic is something that I really value with the color line cutting you promote so well; i.e., from the back there is, I think more often than not, a very clear suggestion of the picture on the front. It seems to me that when I see a color line puzzle and it has that suggestion I just feel like that's the 'right' cut for that puzzle. Anyway, I like them both, mucho, but koffee kup lady has won my heart (today).

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              Carter; I guess there are more than the head and neck routine, as you have done here to lock the pieces together. I'll keep that in mind when I demo the freehand puzzle cutting at our next club meeting on the 14th of this month. Great job. Don


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