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  • Arthur

    Since retiring last september i've been pursuing one of my other passions, photography....i discovered a newly restored carousel "Jane's Carousel" in "DUMBO" brooklyn.....not the elephant but "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass".....and thought this would make a great subject.....

    the carousel is located right next to the east river with a captivating view of the manhattan is a link to jane's carousel....check out the website....the carousel is magnificent!!!!!!!

    Jane's Carousel

    anyway, jane walentas has been restoring the carousel, for quite some time, which was made by the philadelphia toboggan company in 1922.....the horses are all hand carved and beautiful.....every aspect of the carousel has been restored,including the pipe organ, round outs (upper fancy pieces), interior panels with the exception the chariots....that way you can see what all the pieces looked like, prior to restoration.

    so i set off the photo the carousel....i took a lot of pictures of the "Standers"...the outside horses that don't go up and down....and decided to cut some puzzles......all of the horses have "jewels" on them, which makes for very interesting puzzles.....

    i choose 8 horses to puzzle and here is the first a way of identifying the horses, i named them....for the knights of the round table and assorted historical figures of the period....better than saying "white horse with armor"......."brown horse with roses, etc" you get the picture!!!!

    Arthur is 5 x 7.....94 pieces....with a drop out in the tail section...looks kool to me....and as always my signature "silver fox" can't stay away from the horse!!

    as always criticism and critique are welcome....enjoy!!

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    No criticism of course. Looking forward to Lancelot and Galahad.

    BTW Were you aware that historians say there may have been as many as 1600 Knights of the round table...Yes mythical knights for a mythical round table and yet written down for all to remember years later.

    Here is one fun site RE The infamous Knights.

    Here is another...
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      For anyone who might be interested, the idea of a possible 1600 knights comes from a poem called Brut by Layamon, an English priest around the turn of the thirteenth century. Though mostly a translation of an earlier poem of the same name by Wace, his tale of a Cornish carpenter who constructed a round table that could seat 1600 yet could be quickly disassembled and taken with Arthur's court when it traveled was the first appearance of the idea that there was discord among the knights about who was seated closer to Arthur at the head of the table.


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        I've also heard accounts of history that describe a building style that is called a table.
        Archaeological digs in the UK have uncovered something that may well be this round table...

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          Really beautiful, Bob. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the pictures and the website. I must admit, though, that my innate color-line-cutting tendencies made me see all sorts of colorful shapes to cut that would make the resulting puzzle no better, but certainly different than yours.



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            thanks for the comments on the knights.....interesting reading.....I can,t imagine a table for!

   of these days, I will cut a color line puzzle...but I see what you mean in my iamge!

            "The Journey is the Reward"


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              Fantastic, Bob!

              I love your naming concept, also.....I'm a nut for anything having to do with Arthurian legend. Cool stuff.

              Great puzzle! I look forward to seeing the others.

              Don't forget about the greatest of all the knights.....Brave Sir Robin.

              The tale of Sir Robin with subtitles (Brave Sir Robin) - YouTube

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