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Shape Shifting Scroll saw puzzles

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  • Shape Shifting Scroll saw puzzles

    Hello I was posting information and pictures about my puzzles back in 2008.

    I have been busy creating this kind of puzzle ever since. My puzzles have no pictures rather they are abstract patterns. Assembly depends entirely on shape recognition, to see where an individual piece can fit correctly.

    I am not sure if I am doing this right so any feedback here or to me email address ([email protected]) would be appreciated.

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    Do you cut out the pieces then paint them? Those are really great!
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      These are fantastic John. I remember liking them when you posted them before and these ones are even better.

      I assume you draw out an 1/8th of the pattern and then duplicate it like a kaleidoscope?



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        I dunno...That just looks
        Love it...!!!!!

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          Those are just awesome! Mine are still just pictures.

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            You've out-done yourself, John!!!




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              Fantastic work John!
              Jim in Mexico

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                great jobs...i love you create the patterns?.....they are fantastic!!!

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                  These puzzles are supper..... I have not seen your previous posts on this type of puzzle. They are supper and I really like them. Is there some secret method to create these puzzles? How many have you made? How long does it take to cut them? Who assembles them? curious minds are asking?


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                    Dang! Those look difficult - and fun. Nice cutting & design.
                    Mtnman Jim

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                      I also would like to know how you create the patterns. Those really look good.


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                        The first thought that popped into my head was "I don't know what you're doing but whatever it is ~ don't stop!"

                        Those are some fantastic patterns and puzzles. What you are doing is simply wonderfully creative beyond belief. I love it!!!

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                          I love the puzzles. They look like a challenge and I like challenges. I agree, some more information about how you create them would be great.

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                            Gorgeous puzzles, John! Glad to hear you are still making these. They are truly spectacular.
                            Shawn Ferguson

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                              Really nice designs. Well done!


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