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  • Mod Podge Drying

    I recently covered a frame puzzle with mod podge and found that it took forever to dry. I know that they recommend that you cover the mod podge with a clear acrylic finish but I never have done that and it seemed to work OK. I would prefer to not add another step if I don't have to but sure don't want a sticky puzzle that will attach itself to paper or anything else when they store it. Any comments would be appreciated.

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    I use a clear acrylic finish over lacquer and it looks great , goes on easy, and drys fast. It is Krylon Triple thick glaze. I get it at Walmart.
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      Bob, my only experience with ModPodge is with puzzles and my paintings. I have found that you cannot put it on too thick. I do a thin coat and let mine cure for about 24 hours and for my paintings, that is enough. However, for puzzles, I do a minimum of 3 thin coats. I have never had a problem with the Matte finish, but the gloss finish seems to create problems with sticking, so I stay away from the gloss and use strictly matte finish. I know the drying time seems excessive but the finished product is worth it for me.
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        I agree with Bubba, use thin coats and you can speed up the process with a hair dryer. I also do not use the high gloss any more for the same reason.
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          Thanks. Sounds like I need to avoid the glossy finish.


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