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Carter and Shawn Multiple Inspirations

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  • Carter and Shawn Multiple Inspirations

    Thanks to Carter and Shawn and all the others who continuously prod us to try cutting puzzles freehand. This resulted in 4 firsts for me.
    1. Freehand Cutting
    2. Freehand Figurals
    3. Using Aileens
    4. Using Mod Podge (MP)

    I've included proof it did happen.

    The Christmas Tree (45 pcs 5x7) was taken from some left over cards and since it was mostly symmetrical I double sided it. This was also a victim of curling after cutting it out and then applying additional coats of MP. Note to self: Finish coating then cut. A couple figurals I started and abandoned were an ornament and sleigh.

    Figurals include a Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, Snowflake (jack), and an undamaged present for some lucky girl.

    The Barbershop (27 pcs 5x5) was the fault of Shawn Ferguson's humor in a separate thread. This one was especially painful to cut (figural placement). If I had to do it over I'd spend the time and sketch out the figurals and cut them to pattern. Figurals that didn't make it in were a barber shop pole and a comb. The shirts would have worked great for both of these. I thought that at least one of them should be hitting a note and he is hitting the high notes based on the locale of the only other figural. Even though there were thicker lines helping to hide line drifts I am happier with some of my line choices.

    The Christmas Tree was first and I was pretty pleased with some line following (Carter's fault) check the angel on top and most of the candles. Barbershop with the thicker lines even tricked me WHILE cutting. Some of the cuts I started on the outside and when I was working back I wasn't sure where I came in. I had to stop the saw to make sure it was going to able to lock and not just fall off the side.

    Both puzzles were cut with a single FD-SR5. I know. I plan on getting some puzzle blades so the pieces will lock better. Due to kerf size even though they appear to lock they can hinge apart. In fact the Chirstmas Tree can nearly be split down the middle.

    All kinds of lessons learned tonight. It either occurred or recurred to me that when cutting/planning tabs for now I am thinking in thirds. Plan your necks to be a third as wide as your heads (tabs). Helped me make sure my tabs would have a better chance at locking after getting cut.

    Thanks again to everyone here for your support and reading through this late night rambling.
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    Sawdust King

    If there is one thing I can make perfect every time it is sawdust.

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    They are fantastic looking puzzles.
    I like'em.

    It's all fun
    Craftsman 18"
    Delta 46-460 lathe


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      Nice work, "King". It's really gratifying to see people take suggestions and work with them to try new things and produce great results. Let me know any way I can be of further help.

      Carter ([email protected])


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        Great job!!!

        Good to see the barbershop quartet getting a little more life on the Forum. Cutting a puzzle from that picture and including barber themed Figurals is just the kind of fun idea that really makes jigsaw puzzle cutting so enjoyable, I think.

        Well done!

        Shawn Ferguson

        Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !


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          great job and i love the figurals......everything is in "Harmony!!"....i couldn't resist....

          "The Journey is the Reward"


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            Hip, hip, huraah! I love the quartet! If this is 'really' your first attempt - then, by golly & by gosh, I think you've got it, man!!

            I've Got A Lot More To Learn
            About Leaving Battlegrounds Alone
            "~~ Molly Venter


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              They look great, well done. I haven't got to freehand stage yet. One day though.



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                Thanks for the comments/compliments. These truly were my first and second attempts at freehand puzzle cutting.

                I think what helped me the most was the positive comments from this forum, such as:
                Slow your cutting
                Pay attention to forward pressure
                You can do it

                I also think that trying to draw/design a pattern before helped since it involved creating lines from scratch. Also cutting the fretwork ornaments from issue #25 also helped because I really had to pay attention to forward pressure.

                Thanks again.
                Sawdust King

                If there is one thing I can make perfect every time it is sawdust.


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