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  • Glue

    Is there any type of glue other the adhesive spray. I am using the 3m kind, but this gets kinda messy sometimes. Is this the best option for when attaching photos to wood or could I use something else the rolls on? There some other ways I see people cutting there puzzles the one I got was a free one from a website, but is there other websites the offer template free or not?

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    I have tried other brands and none seem to work for me better then M77 spray. There is nothing worse then the pattern coming off while cutting. Yes there is the mess associated with over spray but any spray product will have that. I use a "spray box" to eliminate that that. Mine is simply the bottom of a cardboard box (roughly 14 x 24) and a left about 3" of the sides on it leaving me a 3" tray.
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      thinned wite glue will also work but a bit harder to remove .
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        I use any "tacky" white glue. (Aileen's is sold at craft stores.)

        Spread it thin and even with a scraper on the wood. Then press the picture down SLOWLy, with little circular motions with the fingertips. Then watch it carefully over the next twenty minutes or so to press out any bumps that arise.

        The thicker the paper the better. Don'ty use this technique with any paper thinner thjan a magazine cover. Photos work fine.

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          Also I am using the FD puzzle blades and have the speed about medium on my saw. At what speed do you guys normaly use?


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            I always set my speed at 110 mph. . . . unless I am watching football while cutting, in which event I slow it down to 55 or 60.

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              Speed of your saw is a relative thing. You go as fast as you are comfortable and if you need to adjust speed along the way feel free to do so.
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                I also like Aileen's tacky glue but must admit that once something works I stop looking until something goes wrong. Be sure to apply in a good light so you can see any spots not covered. I use Turtle Teasers techniques of using a small roller. Works for me.


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                  I gave up on spraying on the wood. I cover the piece with blue tape, than spray the tape and back of the pattern with glue. I spray both pieces and let it dry a few minutes so it is a permanent set. After cutting all I need to do is remove the tape. No wood to clean up.

                  A little pricy method however.

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