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  • Can I do this?

    I was at AC Moore yesterday stocking up on bags for next year. The bags are 8x10 out of a heavy durable shiney almost plastic type. Can I just glue to the plywood without using modge podge? This is my first attempt at a jigsaw puzzle like Cathy & Carter do so I'm kind of lost. I was going to use a very heavy coat of spray glue to hold to the wood. The surface doesn't need finishing of any kind. Oh what the heck, I'll try it and let you know how it turns out!!! LOL

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    Yes you can glue directly to the wood, be sure to get all the bubbles out.
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      Watch it closely for 20 minutes or so. Bubbles will form no matter how smoothly you"ve sprayed and smoothed the glue or how slowly and thoroughly you've put the picture on.

      Good Luck........ Carter


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