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  • Snow White

    Here's a challenge for the whole family. It's about 300 pieces and there are some wild color-line cuts in the scenery.

    It's from a calendar I actually paid full price for: paintings by Thomas Kincaid of scenes from Disney animated films. I mounted two of them and plan to cut the other one (from Beauty & the Beast) into a children's puzzle of about 100 pieces.

    This one will be out on our kitchen table for the Christmas holiday.

    Phun....... Carter

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    That's a great cut Carter! I have one I am soon to start and I was thinking of a border much like what you just did. This will really help me out. Your technique continues to inspire me!

    Merry Christmas!
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      great job....carter paying full price! the color line cutting...very intricate.......

      "The Journey is the Reward"


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        Love it, Carter!

        I actually bought the same calendar for Cheryl for Christmas.....when she is done with it, I look forward to cutting it up.

        I was lucky enough to see some of Kinkaid's actual Disney-themed paintings in a gallery when we visited Disney World a couple years ago. They are quite large, and incredibly breathtaking when viewed up close and personal. He truly is a "Master of Light."
        Shawn Ferguson

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          Agreat cutting as always.

          It's all fun
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            Looks great, love the shape of those pieces, nice work.
            The Journey Is Everything.


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