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    Hi Group! I have a question about interlocking puzzle piece patterns. When I search puzzle patterns the results are for completed specific projects. What I'm looking for are square, rectangular, circular and other geometric shaped blank patterns that show interlocking puzzle parts that I can affix to my project and then follow and cut. Are these availabe and if they are can you recommend the sources? Thanks in advance, Flintlockjoe.

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    Steve good has some square and rectangular ones on his site. You need to try freehand cutting though. It really is not that hard and you will get pretty good at it rather quickly.

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      Joe, please don't get locked into the thought that puzzle pieces within a puzzle have to be similar in size and shape. The real fun is in cutting freehand and following color lines when you can. Make every puzzle unique. You don't need a pattern for that.



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        Joe, I completely agree with Mike and Carter. Freehand is easy and with a bit of practice on some scrap pieces with no pattern on them, you will quickly get the hang of it and develop your own style.

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          I can sympathize with Joe on this one. I have some 'puzzle patterns' that I apply from time to time. The thing I don't like about them is that I have to concentrate so hard to stay on the line (or close to it). However, there are plenty of puzzles, that as suggested, I freehand cut. The only thing I don't like about them is that I have to concentrate so hard to make sure I have interlocking tabs that keep the darn thing hooked together. So, all in all, I like to cut the puzzle but the only thing I don't like about it is that I have to concentrate so hard while I am doing the cutting. Hmmmmm . . . .. it is odd, because when people ask me what I like about scroll sawing my standard is answer is that I have to concentrate so hard on the cutting that I just get lost in it and then, well, it's done and I move onto the next piece.
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            Remember the recipient does not know what the pattern is dictating the final outcome to be. So if you stray off the line just don't make sudden corrections and no one will be the wiser. Don't be so hard on your self....
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            "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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              Oddly enough I find having a pattern or at least a guide most helpful when I am cutting larger pieces like maybe a 5 or 6 piece puzzle for a child.. I don't necessarily cut on the pattern lines but it gives me a sense of where I am. For my "normal" puzzles with smaller pieces freehand is much easier except for some puzzles where I am cutting very similar pieces on purpose.


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                I have some patterns like you are asking for here. Small Puzzles Made Easy
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                  I practiced on a pattern today and I learned that I have to develop the discipline to accept that its OK to wander off the line and not stop and try to correct it. Too many memories of the Nuns rapping my knucles when I colored outside of the lines in grammar school. I will attempt some free hand as my confidence increases. I should have mentioned that I've only had my Dewalt for about 2 weeks now. My preference is to use thicker stock, it seems easier for the little grandchildren to handle and the pieces are stronger. When my kids were young I made toys and some large piece puzzles on my band saw out of stock up to 7/4. They are still around. I am putting in an order for 1/8 and 1/4 baltic birch. It looks like fun stuff to work with. I appreciate the answers and sources that you guys have provided. There will be quite alot of hours scrolling "practice" projects coming my way. Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to all, Flintlockjoe.


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                    I started out just cutting puzzle pieces on blank stock to get used to turning the wood. Then a book ( can't remember the name ) from the library had a skill builder page or two. I used that to make a lot of fireplace starter wood and sawdust.

                    Once on here i tried "Carter's" method of puzzle making => freehand and color line cutting. Now i won't go back to lines. I use a pure square grid like 1x1 or 3/4 x 3/4 to get about the same size but i don't worry about the exact shape of the knobs and sockets.

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                      I have some 1/2" blocks of wood that were given to me. I sanded them and stained them. When they were nice and cured I put the blue painters tape on them and measured to see what would work for piece size then just made a grid on them and used that as a guide. I cut the tabs on all the appropriate sides but only used the grid lines for a "guide" for the piece size. I like cutting freehand as well but sometimes I want a structured puzzle. Just have fun and cut em out.
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