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Selling puzzles at craft fairs

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  • Selling puzzles at craft fairs

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    I saw a fella selling puzzles recently and he had them in a "glad bag" baggie with a piece of cardboard in the back. the cardboard gave the puzzle a background and the baggie allowed him to hang them up for display. I thought that the overall display look pretty nice. He easily had 50+ puzzles. They were all of pine wood and not painted.

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      Hi Ray
      I package puzzles in 2 ways. 1 - I make a draw string bag and put pieces in with a tag showing the completed object or 2 - I shrink wrap the finished article.

      I don't sell openly at fairs and the like. Most of the stuff I make, I give away or when it sells it is a custom order, but the packaging would be the same for craft fairs etc

      Good Luck


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        I have found that you need to have a couple of puzzles out that allow the customers to handle the pieces so they get the concept of a wooden puzzle. Many customers want to buy on the spot so unless you have an established base of customers that come back every year that limits those sells to probably $30 or less and typically will be for a child. I use the draw string pouch for those unless it is a tray puzzle which I wrap in shrink wrap They will want to see the "finished" puzzle but this can be done with a small picture for those in pouches that I print out on my printer. If necessary the children's puzzles can be dumped out and solved on the spot. I know that normally wooden puzzles don't have pictures but the want to see what they are getting. You can get some custom orders either for children puzzles using customer's photographs or art work or even adult puzzles but I can't justify a craft show based on those orders. I do have 3 shows that repeat customers come back every year and order "adult" puzzles but that took 2 years to get established. Adult puzzles I put in a box. The fact of the matter is that I give away more than I sell so perhaps you need advice to someone with more success although if success is measure in enjoying what you are doing then I am doing great



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          Ray I have sold lots of puzzles through my old store and at craft fairs. Customers like to see the puzzle assembled. Previous to purchasing a shrink wrap set up, I would use cellophane or a glad bag to wrap after the purchase. I found outdoor events had the added "fun" of wind which sometime reeked havoc when I stood them up for display.

          I like the cardboard and glad bag system mentioned. The only problem with glad bags is the puzzle will likely not stay assembled. You wouldn't believe how many customers purchased a puzzle for a gift and were afraid it would get separated before they got home and they wouldn't be able to reassemble it.

          I feel nothing looks and works better presentation wise then shrink wrapping. Perhaps shrink wrap and then hot glue a card stock hanger to the back for hanging and display purposes. Whatever system you go with don't forget to enclose a business card.

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            At the shows I have five angled display boards that let them be out of the bag, but not falling all over the place by wind or being bumped. First show, I had them outside on a table - can you say dominoes? Each board has (or is supposed to have) a theme; young children, dinosaurs, fantasy... When sold I put them in a zip lock 2 gallon bag fully assembled. Also, I give them a card with the "answer" that has my contact info on the back.

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              Steve I do hope you have some pics to share...
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