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    I haven't had much cutting time lately but I'm never far from puzzles. You might enjoy:
    GALLERY: Puzzling history in Rohnert Park

    You may recognize a Liberty Puzzle or a Carter Johnson. If you are really sharp you might see Dee's influence!
    Joe S.

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    Wow! That's quite an article - and quite a collection - and quite a lot of work.



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      That is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


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        Great collection and article! Thanks for sharing with us.



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          amazing puzzles and amazing article......

          "The Journey is the Reward"


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            Hi Joe,
            What a great article! I love your tee shirt. Maybe you could bring that $2.00 puzzle to the parley, I'm sure a lot of us would love to see it. That is if you do not have it locked up in a safe. I have one of those little Catter puzzles, it one of my favorites. In your statement above, could Dee's influence be in puzzle 38, that little pop up man? Isn’t it amazing how a tiny little tab at the bottom of a figural can change the whole dynamic of a puzzle? I wish we had more time at the last parley to sit and talk to each other, maybe we can this next time.


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              You noticed! I was experimenting with your idea; I want to incorporate standup figures in my Christmas cards this year.
              I have been asked to do a presentation at the next Parley. I haven't locked down the subject yet but that puzzle would fit in to a couple of different topics that I may cover.
              Looking forward to seeing you there!


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                Hi Joe,
                We are also giving a presentaton this next parley, our subject will be on our hand painted limited edition "The secrets of Oz" but it is very hard for me to speak in front of so many people, so I think we are going to try to do a video , then I will take any questions when it is over, That will give me months to get right what I want to say. I have been working on an idea sence the last parley and we will be launching it in the next few weeks. It is by far the most challengeing puzzle I have ever worked on, I'll show some pictures when it is ready.
                We look forward to seeing you at the parley also. hopefully we will have some time to chat.


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                  Great article, Joe! That's really some collection!!
                  I look forward to hearing your presentation (and Dee's) next July.
                  Shawn Ferguson

                  Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !


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                    Reply to This is what was in the Mayo Boxes
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                    Those are great! I would be interested in seeing how you box them.

                    BTW, Everclear is banned in some states but still available in others. I also recently saw another brand of 190 proof at the local ABC store here in Gibsonville, NC. (I did a quick Google and found the brand is Diesel)
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