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    How many of you use the so called puzzle blade?

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    Me. I use it, not exclusively, but rather sparingly.It, like every other blade out there, has its place. Its a great blade for cutting BBply 1/4th inch thick (or a couple layers of 1/8th inch). Its not a good choice of a blade though if your planning on cutting the 3/4th inch thick wooden standing animal puzzles and things of that nature.What do you have in mind???
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      Yeah, I agree with Dale. It's designed to be used with 1/4 (maybe even 5/16 or so) or thinner plywood. It's narrow kerf allows for very tight turns quickly. I get about 50 puzzle pieces out of BB before changing blades. With the 5-ply poplar I use most often, I can get three times that.



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        I, too, use the puzzle blades for 1/4" BB puzzles. For 3/4" standup puzzles, I use a #5 or #7 depending on the type of wood.



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          I also agree with Dale

          Delta P-20 & Q-3

          I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!


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            For me, the puzzle blade have too much drift. I prefer a 2/0 scroll reverse. My puzzle piece is tight and I've experienced a lot less drift. My 2/0 is for max 2 x 1/4" BB in stack. For a 4-5 stack cut, I use a #3 scroll reverse.

            2/0, #1, #3 scroll reverse and 2/0 spiral are the only blade I have.
            (oh...I have a strong FD-HD - Heavy-duty blade too ;-)

            My 2 cent
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              Here is the tutorial from Carter; and also a video;

              Carter is the man about puzzles.
              FD Mike
              SD Mike


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                I tried the 2/0 but didn't get the fit I wanted. I guess that shows that we each have our own technique that works for us. Maybe I will go back and try the 2/0 again. I do know I would never try to stack cut with the puzzle blade except for children's puzzles.


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