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    I've cut a couple puzzles from these calendar pictures before,. This one I tried to cut through the centers of the heavy black lines between colors. In a couple of spots, it was tricky to put together the 40 or so pieces I had just cut, so we'll see how Jean likes it (she's ahead of me now so she's assembling an old one).

    I continue to find that, as I age, my pieces get larger, even though my eyesight remains the same. This one measures over a square foot and yet has only 263 pieces. Five years ago it would probably have been a hundred more. I kind of like them better this way - easier to handle.

    Have phun..... Carter

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    A Great puzzle!
    You seem to come up with the best calender pictures.

    It's all fun
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    • #3 had a 1/2 off sale yesterday with free shipping. I did not get my e-mail until this morning...LOL Oh well I have about 10 calenders sitting here now.

      Nice job Carter. I like this one. Maybe the eyesight is not the issue, perhaps it is reaction time? I have the same thing going on.
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        very nice cutting......and i love the way you cut it...i know what you mean about the eyesight.......8 years ago i didn't wear i wear them everyday.....when i take them off i still think i can see 20/ least the distant objects!!!...LOL...

        "The Journey is the Reward"


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          I like it - but I like all your puzzles!
          DeWalt 788


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            I did very small pieces early on but they seemed to be too small for many of my friends to handle easily just as you described. I now only do the smaller pieces if requested.


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              Really well done as always, Carter!
              Shawn Ferguson

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                Hi Carter, I love it! I'm still getting the hang of color cutting, it doesn't come naturally to me but I try to incorporate some color cuts in each of my puzzles...


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