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Problem with photo paper separating

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  • Problem with photo paper separating

    Doing some jigsaw puzzles and I am having problems with the photo paper separating. I am using matte pictures from Walmart, and have tried both 3M Hi-Strength 90 spray adhesive and Loctite Professional Performance Heavyweight Bonding sprays - double coatings.

    The photo paper doesn't get saturated as the sprays comes out fairly dry and kinda 'stringy'. Paper adheres very well to the wood, but paper separates at some of the knobs. I glue them back with clear glue, but figure I am doing something wrong.

    Any suggestions sincerely appreciated.

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    I don't have experience with spray on glue. I use Aleene's Glue which seems to penetrate into the backing somewhat to the back of the photo. I use a technique suggested by Ron (Turtle Teasers) of spreading the glue on the board with a small paint roller. As he suggested I work in very good light so I can see that the glue is uniformly spread. He avoids to much glue but I am not sure what too much glue is so I just make sure there are no voids.


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      I too use liquid glue to attach my photos, I just make sure i have an even coat on the board with a small foam roller. I just use some inexpensive Elmers wood glue I don't have a local source for Aileen's and keep forgetting when i go to a bigger town to pick some up.
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        G'day Jim,
        I use a spray on contact adhesive, like you. What you have to do to form a permanent bond is to let both pieces sit for about 5 - 10 minutes, until they are almost dry to touch, then carefully place them together. They then have to have pressure applied to form that bond. I use a laminate roller, but you can also use a block of wood and a hammer.
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          It's not clear from your post if the paper is lifting from the wood or the paper is seperating into layers. I use Super77 spray and almost never, ever have trouble with the paper lifting from the wood. I do have trouble with paper seperating into layers, with a layer staying on the wood, especially at sharper angles. This is a function of the paper, not the adhesive. If that's your problem, I would suggest trying a different photo paper. And I don't think you should expect the adhesive to saturate the paper; that shouldn't be necessary. It could be that your adhesive just isn't the right kind; like I said, I use Super77 (from 3M I think). I coat the back of the image AND the wood surface, let them dry for 1-2 minutes, and then mount the image.



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