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  • need help family puzzle

    I would like to make a family puzzle from a photo.Does anyone know what too use modge podge? poly? What type of wood ply? My mother in-law is handicap wheelchair and loves puzzles. I'm thinking x-mas a grandchildrens puzzle..can someone help?

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    If you are going print the photo on your computer printer, you will need to seal it. I use a clear acrylic satin finish applied very thinly with a foam brush (add a second thin coat if you want a thicker finish)..Others use spray can finishes, but I find them messy and expensive.

    If you are going to use a commercially-printed photo, you probably don't need a finish for an adult puzzle, but I use the same technique above for children's puzzles.


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      If you browse/search this forum you will find a lot of informaiton. A lot of us use 1/4 Baltic Birch plywood. This can be obtained at most wood working shops, some lumber yards and sometimes at Michaels and Hobby Lobby or similar stores. Many of us use a simple wood/paper glue such as Aleene's tacky glue or Elmer's glue to fix the photograph to the plywood. Everyone has their own technique but many spread the glue only on the plywod using either a stiff piece of plastic (old credit card?) or a cheap paint roller (one made for doing small areas not the kind you use for doing an entire wall). Don't get it on too thick but you must cover the entire board so work in good light so you can see if any places are not covered. You may think that using a pattern is the easiest way to go but with practice it is actually easier to do the puzzle pieces freehand. The most improtant advice I can give is to dive in and try something, almost anything and then come back and ask for advice with any problems you are having. I strongly recommend this approach. If you try to be too perfect the first time you will be totally fustrated, or at least I would have been. One word of warning, this can get addictive. Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun.


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        Originally posted by Bob Coltharp View Post
        If you try to be too perfect the first time you will be totally fustrated.
        I like that part of your advice the best. And, I think I agree with that advice about 10000000 % - or more!

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          thanks for the post i wanted to know what you all used each one..
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            Regular copy paper is too light and will not work properly. It needs to be heavier stock. For your other questions read the above posts they are already answered there.
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