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  • Magnetic puzzle

    Somebody ask me to do a magnetic puzzle.
    I buy a sheet of magnet with a PSA adhesive on the back.
    I glued the sheet behing my 1/4" BB and start cutting.

    The magnet sheet cut well but the side of my puzzle piece have some black marks on them. I try some blade but I always get some black marks on the piece. I would like to have a 100% clean side...

    I'll also try to stick the magnet after cutting my piece but I've pass a long time clean cutting the magnet with my X-acto....but the result was perfect. Long, very long...but perfect !

    Do you have any experience with magnet sheet ?
    The one I have is a 0.20 mil rubber sheet.

    Bye !
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    i have experience and the black marks are a product of the material that the magnet is made cure for that!!!! could try painting the sides of the puzzle pieces with black paint, using a paint pen....but that seems time consuming......later

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