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Dog puzzle problems

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  • Dog puzzle problems

    My first try om a puzzle, but it doesn's seem to be a succes. The space between the pieces is very big, and therefore everything hangs very loose when standing up. This is directly after scrolling, haven't done any sanding.

    It was made on a Drem Moto-Shop 57607-5 with a blade which has 18.5 skip teeth per inch, 0.014 inch thickness and 0.070 inch width.

    What is the problem here? My skills? The scrollsaw? The blade?

    I think the blade is pretty thick, but the problem is there are no thinner blades available for the Dremel. Any tips or comments are welcome.
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    You should be able to use any blade in your scroll saw. I have a dremel too. It is set up to be able to use pin ends but I use pinless all the time. Just make sure your blade clamps are tight. You can find smaller blades at the home improvement stores or you can order them online. A lot of people here use flying dutchman blades from


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      Martzy, unfortunately my Dremel does not accept pinless blades. I got the Dremel for free, and that is how I found this site and started making toys, but I am thinking of buying a better one which can cut wood to 2 inches and accept pinless so that I have more options in blades and projects.


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        i use Dutchman with a spiral blade size 0 works for me....


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          When you upgrade your saw try FD puzzle blades.
          For your dog puzzle try painting or clear coating the pieces and that may tighten it up some.
          For that type of puzzle I use FD Ultra reverse #3. Make sure your table is square.
          Another Idea you may like. When I make that type of puzzle I make a tray from the piece of stock and some scrap ply. Makes a nice looking piece without adding to cost and very little added work. Just an idea. Rob
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            I use a #3 or #5. I've made 6 puzzimals and they all stand up fine. When I sand them I take next to nothing off the keys and locks. I spray on some poly or lacquer. The fit isn't as tight as a card board puzzle, but they stay together.

            Oily, your tray idea is a keeper and looks great.


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              I like your tray idea also and will used it on my next puzzle. Where would we be without this group?

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