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Puzzles in 8/4 Hardwood

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  • Puzzles in 8/4 Hardwood

    Hello Group. Years ago I used to make some nice puzzles in 8/4 hardwood. The woods were birch, cherry, maple, oak and walnut. The pieces were large and made for childrens hands. I used a bandsaw and some of the small radius turns were difficult, frustrating and needless to say time consuming. I am planning on purchasing a Dewalt 788 so that I can get back into it with more enjoyment than before. I have a few questions and need advice. Can I cut 8/4 with the 788? Can any members advise me if they cut projects of this thickness? Am I pushing the limits too far and should I retreat to a thinner dimension stock? Any guidance would be greatly apprciated.

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    Hi there. Welcome aboard.

    You will for sure be pushing the limits on a scroll saw doing 8/4 wood. Most of us use 3/4" stock for our children's puzzles . You can cut 8/4 stock with a bandsaw using a 3/16" blade and can make fairly intricate corners, but that is pretty bulky. Share some pics of your past works and new ones as well.
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