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Puzzle Idea for Small Pictures

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  • Puzzle Idea for Small Pictures

    Here's a potential puzzle I will be cutting over the next week or so. It's the idea, I think, that's unique and there will not be much sense in showing the completed puzzle.

    These are songbird images I mounted and outline cut from an 8" square calendar. To give you an idea of size, the male cardinal in the upper right is six inches from beak to tail.

    Each of these will be cut into puzzle pieces, perhaps less than ten for the yellow finch and up to 25 or so for the female cardinal. I will number the pieces 1 through 13 for each bird, in case someone needs some help. Otherwise, all the pieces will be thrown together in the same bag as one puzzle.

    I can see this idea working for other nature pictures and for objects such as different cars. Or how bout different Santas cut from old cards? Anyway, it's a idea for what I think will be a phun puzzle and I hope you can use it somehow.

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    So they are individual puzzles but toss em all in one bag. You are devious...
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      i like the bad you couldn't scan each image and then in photoshop create a branch where they would sit on.....this should be entitled..."birds of a feather".....putting them in the same bag is a great idea, but skip the numbering.....much more devious!!!!.......later

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        Wonderful idea but somewhat nasty, unless you are a puzzle buff. What does your wife think of the latest way you have for her to solve a puzzle?

        No numbers! Bob, you are even nastier than Carter.

        A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

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          I have a friend who's mouth would be watering at something like this . . . .
          Don't understand it myself. I like to cut them but I have no patience for putting them together.

          You go Carter! I think it's a grand idea!!!
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            Sweeeeet idea Carter.......will be fun to have everyone sitting around the kitchen table trying to find the pieces for their bird. Love the concept.
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              Very cute idea!
              DeWalt 788


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                Bob, when you print up your pattern, just draw in a branch & you have a perch for the Bird. I like your idea Carter. Let's see some wildlife too. Thanks for showing us.


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                  Hi Carter,
                  I think it's a great idea, and possibly not too difficult! Don't people normally put puzzles together in seperate sections first before assembling the whole kaboodle? But his adds a nice 2 or 3 twists to it.
                  I wouldn't number the pieces - way too easy!


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                    On the issue of numbers on the back, many suggest not to do it - but I did. It turned out to be a total of 167 pieces. Remember, I cut puzzles for families. The numbers allow a family to give their five-year-old a puzzle of as small as ten pieces to put together him or herself. Everyone else will pay no attention to the numbers.

                    Phun - Carter


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