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  • Laminate

    I have a request to do a larger puzzle that I cannot print myself so I will go to a camera shop. I have had mixed results with larger prints in the past since they don't seem to be as robust as the glossy 8 x 12 and smaller prints. I have tried the triply thick glaze also with mixed results. Has anyone tried using a lamintate applied by a camera shop to protect the surface. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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    I saw some of the blow up photos that Walgreens is doing now at a fairly decent price. I talked to a customer who was picking up her 3rd one and said they were the best. What I was impressed about them was that the put them on something that looked like a real thin (but sturdy) Masonite board and the size was approaching something like 24x30 or thereabouts.

    I would suggest you at least go take a look at the stuff they are doing now. It might suit your needs.

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      I have my larger photos printed at Costco. Their prices are reasonable. I don't use their in-store printing, which is ink-jet based. I use their online service which uses laser-based equipment. The laser printing is less prone to scuffing than the ink-jet printing is. I have not found the need to protect the image with a clear finish or laminate, but I guess it wouldn't hurt.


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