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Butterfly Monarch Puzzle

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  • Butterfly Monarch Puzzle

    This is my latest puzzle. I just finished it tonight. It is made from 3/4" poplar. It is my second attempt at airbrushing. It has 41 pieces. It is cut with my own puzzle design and paint design.

    Any comments are welcome, I love feedback!

    My first airbrush attempt:
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    Wow that looks lovely. You did a great job with the design.


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      Very nice design and cutting.
      DeWalt 788


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        Nicely done.
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          very nice really captured the colors of the monarch accurately....

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            Well done.


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              Love it! This is a great idea.
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                I really like your puzzle. As I am a complete ignoramus regarding airbrushing, could you say a little about your technique? Is it done freehand, or is stenciling involved? What sort of paint are you using? What equipment?


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                  Great puzzle ! Nice paint job too. The airbrush does do wonders for something like that. I like your pattern & it looks like the pieces fit real snug. Good job.


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                    Excellent concept..!!!!!!!!!!!
                    ..and well executed...!!!
                    I do believe you've got something there....

                    Very, Very nice...!!!

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                      That is a GREAT puzzle!

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                        Your 2nd attempt at airbrushing looks like you've been doing it for years. Wonderful work!


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                          Oh my gosh you guys, I'm so happy to have so many great comments on my puzzle!! Thank you so much!!!

                          To answer turtleteasers questions. I'm not sure if I exactly have a technique yet since this is my second attempt, but I can tell you how I went about designing this puzzle.

                          First I find an image of a butterfly that I like. (I've attached the final puzzle and the butterfly that I found online) I create an outline of the butterfly in inkscape and then cut the outlined shape. I scan the cut outline and then print out that. Now I have the exact size and shape that I am working on and can print out as many as necessary. I draw out my puzzle shapes on the print out. I wanted to use more traditional style shapes. Once I have a design that I like, I scan that to save the original and then glue the pattern to the cutout. I then cut the puzzle.

                          For the airbrushing, I print out the image that I downloaded earlier to get an idea of color, shading, highlights, etc. I mix my paint and then paint the entire puzzle the most dominant this case, the medium orange color. After that dries, I spray the darker orange and finally the lightest orange. After that is dry, I spray the black edge. I brush the black veins on and then go over them with the airbrush to give it a not so defined edge. Finally I spray the sides of the puzzle and apply the white dots randomly around the edge.

                          The puzzle is all free hand and no stencils were used.

                          The paint that I used is Americana brand acrylic paint. I mix my colors in the airbrush jar and add water to thin the paint. Give it a good shake and then let it sit to allow the air bubbles to settle.

                          The airbrush that I have is one that I picked up off of for $40. It's a Paasche VL series brush. I have a small air compressor already and the airbrush came with the necessary hose and connections for the compressor.

                          I'm sure there are other ways of doing this, other paints and better thinning techniques, but I just attacked this head on and made it up as I went. It seems to be working so far!
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                            Thanks for the clear explanation. It seems that the airbrush is an alternative to the paintbrush, and still requires artistic talent rather than crafting experience, which probably rules me out!


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                              hi Hammer,
                              this is a wonderful puzzle, your painting looks great, your design looks great and your cutting looks great. If I could critique it in any way it would be: how fantastic it would be if the back looked like the front, that would be a real "bear" to put together,maybe the next puzzle could be a bear.


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