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Country Wheelbarrow Stand Up Puzzle

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  • Country Wheelbarrow Stand Up Puzzle

    Just can't resist designing a new puzzle when I see something that looks like it needs to come out of the wood. Here's a nice little country wheelbarrow with "flowers" being carried to their planting spot. I cut it from 3/4" pine as usual and was going to leave it unfinished, but flowers need some color, so I mixed washes of acrylic paint and dabbed the flower parts of the puzzle. The rest I simply shellacked. I wonder how the wheelbarrow would be in red? Maybe I'll give it a try or perhaps one of you might like to test this out. In any event I hope you enjoy the project.
    Al B
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    Cute puzzle. Thanks for my copy
    and God Bless! Spirithorse


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      cute puzzle....i love it...

      "The Journey is the Reward"


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        I'm gonna go and cut that baby out rite now. I'll let you know what happens. . . .

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          You've got some great puzzles Al...!!!!
          I did the watering can for my landlord recently. She's an avid gardener and it was well received.
          I guess I'm gonna have to make this one for her or her husband. He's an even more gifted gardener. He can take a dead stick and bring to life.

          Thanks're a very generous designer....

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            Thanks for another good one Al.

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              What a cute puzzle, my sister will love it.
              Thanks for sharing your work Al, I snagged the pattern also. thank you 1.gif
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                Thanks Al, I grabbed a copy.



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                  Hi, Jim. Thanks for the reply. I'm so glad to hear that one of my puzzles has been given as a gift and enjoyed.
                  Al B.


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                    Very clever! I don't know why I don't ever think about things like that.


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