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Only 64 pieces, BUT.....

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  • Only 64 pieces, BUT.....

    My wife Jean is putting this one-square-foot puzzle together right now - and she has been for three days (off & on). It's proving to be the baffler I thought it would be, though it was quick and simple to cut.

    There are 64 square pieces along the lines of the squares in the mosiac. All the locks are butterfly locks and there are a number of interior pieces where I cut some sides without any locks, making it easy to mistake them for border pieces.

    Phun! Carter

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    I love condolences to you wife!!!......where did you get the image?.....and those butterfly tabs are a stroke of genius......great job!

    "The Journey is the Reward"


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      Very interesting! and you are right - fun!!
      DeWalt 788


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        Simply diabolicle...
        Well she married you for better or for worse.....Just not sure which one this is...

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          Nicely done.
          "Still Montana Mike"

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            i love it.... it would fit in my evil puzzle series


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              Great image Carter (where did you find it). I love what you did to it. Your wife is a saint.
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              So many pieces to cut ... so little time.


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                Thanks for your comments. The feedback makes it all worthwhile. The picture is taken directly from a calendar. Not sure what the calendar was called, but I think it was one of the Quilt series'.

                Nothing beats a puzzle that takes an hour and a half to cut but many hours to assemble! I'm on the alert for a color-blind person to send it to.



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                  That is a great image. The piece of wood you used also looks like it would be a fun but challenging puzzle in its self.


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                    And to think I've been telling people you're a 'nice' guy . . . . I might have to rethink that comment. I did a quilt puzzle similarly last year. Your is about 192% more creative than mine. . . . and, I gave mine to a friend. My wife would not be so quick to put up with such antics.
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                      You've outdone yourself Carter. Thanks for sharing.

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                        Carter, how can you be so mean to your lovely wife?!

                        Love the puzzle.....Good luck, Jean!
                        Shawn Ferguson

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                          Love it! - not only the image and colors but also the square cut pieces...


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                            When you, of all the folks I know, lead with something like "It's only..." I know it will be special. How long did it take your lovely wife to assemble it?


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