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2021 Farmers Market

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  • 2021 Farmers Market

    First sale in almost a year! Fair sales, worth the effort. I really do not like the energy required to do these sales but without them I have no reason to make sawdust every day.

    June 5 2021 Farmers Market.jpg
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    Just the opposite. I love doing my farmers market and shows. My biggest show, 3 day in November and holiday market opens at the farmers market the same weekend. Meantime, I am subbing in at the market on days cooler than 80 degrees, and for the fall. Glad you had a good day.

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      Our nearest Farmers Markets that allow woodworking have already shut down for the summer. Too hot. Snow puffs!
      Congrats on your sales. Every bit helps.
      Linda at


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        Your stuff always looks good Jim!

        Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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          In my local area they just started doing a show/sale one Saturday a month. So far life has gotten in the way so I could not test the waters. Congrats Jim. I feel the same way. It gives me a reason to make saw dust.
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            There will be Strawberry Festival here in Dayton in two weeks. Not sure how many will show up.
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