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    How do you put prices on your work - or do you? From photos, I see some just price items in bulk with a per grouping of items sign. But, if you don't have bulk of one particular item, do you attach a tag of some sort? Do you use a small sticker?
    I receive a variety of items from my membership (all donated product) that we then sell at a few shows each year. Most items are unique, one-of-a-kind. Occasionally I receive items in bulk - like a recent group of seam rippers or ice cream scoops - but more often just one or two of items whether they are scrolled, carved, or turned. I don't love the tags we use currently as they are larger (1 9/32" x 3/4") and hang down and make things look messy. Many times even attaching are tough. For larger items like vases, bowls, etc., I now have a smaller sticker I am using. I do use signs where appropriate for groups of items.
    Would appreciate some feedback. I may make changes for our sales in 2020.
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    For my intarsia, the sticker goes on the back. Bowls get it on the bottom. Be careful with stickers, some of them don't peel well. Avery labels are bad for that. Plus that, I have signs for small items that don't hold stickers or tags well - like pens, some ornaments, bottle stoppers, etc.

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      For our single items we get small tags with strings from Staples. For our ornaments we put a small sticker, pre-printed with the price on the plastic part of the box. We never put a sticker directly on the wood.

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        I do the same as Rolf. I use small tags with string attached.
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          I found some small tags at Hobby Lobby. They were in the Jewelry materials section.

          They were about 3/8" x 5/8".

          $4.99 for a packet of 100 tags


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