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  • Ornament floor display

    For those who sell ornaments anyone use a setup like this? The panels are 2' wide and 6' tall.
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    I use grid wall for all my displays including hanging ornaments on it. It's not great for a 3D ornaments but works well for flat ones. It's kind of a pain to hang them on there one by one but it will show them off well.


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      That would be nice to have for ornament display
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        We have those at ArtCrafters. Purchased from Store Supply Warehouse.
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          I did but not anymore. I don’t want to take up floor space as I usually have a 10x10 space. Anything over 3 feet is too high for a table for the shorter people. I place a tree on the ends of my tables. We just refill them. Works great as we get to talk to the customers and point out new designs. Over 50% of my customers are repeats.
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            I have a collection of the racking that I use in different configurations depending upon the show we do. We only sell at a few shows per year because our sales and efforts all produce funds for charity AND more so, we need volunteers to man the booth. We used 2 3 piece units joined together at our show last weekend (Photo). Sometimes we use just single units with legs on. You don't necessarily need the base unless you move around the wire unit in tack wrapping it with shrink wrap (many of the beading vendors do this). Ornaments are so delicate that we take them off and store. Remember, you also need hooks.
            We got the racking and hooks when stores went out of business or were relocating here. The price was right!!

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