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    Darlene, a good friend and former business partner, called the other day with “an order”. She’s having a baby shower for her new grandson and wanted wood rounds 10” for her to make table decorations for a lumberjack baby shower. Wanted them rough cut with bark. Ok, no problem. Told her we would bomb them so no creepy crawlers came out while they were on the table. Oh by the way, I need three 15”-17”. Darlene, do you know how big a tree that would need to be? Yeah, 15”. 🤪🤪 after I get done laughing, I tell her no, slightly bigger. Did I mention she’s blonde? Well Spice, she nicknamed us Sugar and Spice when we were partners, you can do it. Bruce shook his head and walked away. Today he hands me a text from a former co-worker wanting a flagpole for his boat. I handed him a dowel and asked if that would do.

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    Did you agree to do it?

    That reminded me of a meeting I was in very early in my 35 year career at a national lab. We were starting to design and build special sensors for high energy physics research from silicon wafers. The material that was available to us at the time was about 1/2 inch in diameter. And one of the scientists wanted a cubic Meter. It ground the meeting to a halt.
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      Outrageous request to me:

      One day about 20 years ago while in Japan, I get a phone call from an elderly colleague missionary about 40 mile away. (It was a Sunday evening) I lived in an Osaka suburb, she lived in a Kyoto suburb. She said "Hank, I had lunch with Bob and Gloria today. They told me that you do nice woodworking."
      Me: "I can do things such as tables, bookcases, occasionally chairs and general wood work."
      Her: "That is great! Will you fix my cello?"
      Me - after I get up off the floor: "CELLO? Cello? I don't know how to fix a Cello!"

      I agreed to go to her house the next day and at least look at it. (Where she lived required me to change trains twice, ride a bus and then a taxi.) She had moved to that house about 6 months earlier and had lost the adjustable height stand that fits into the bottom of the Cello. I looked at the conical hole and listened to her explanation of the a rod that goes in and out to adjust the height off of the floor, and how it can be locked into place. I take measurements of diameters, depths and angles to the best of my ability.

      I asked: "When do you need it?" (It was Monday afternoon).
      Her: "I'm not in a hurry. I don't have a concert until Friday night!"
      I figuratively get up off the floor again!
      (Now, my mom and dad had taught me to be respectful of the elderly, so I controlled every muscle in my face to not look disturbed over the time part of the request.)

      I shelved most of the work I had that week and went to one of the finest craft stores in the world, and in Japan - "Tokyo Hands". (If you have never been there, it is a craftsman's paradise, and a chain in larger cities in Japan.) I found a long slender wood cone (looked like oak) with a 10mm hole in it through its length. I bought it for the equivalent of about $10. I also bought a 9mm or 10mm dowel, got a locking thumb-screw and installed it into the cone to lock the dowel into place. I worked on it, put a none-skid tip on the end of the rod/stand and overnighted it to her, and prayed that it would fit! She got it on Thursday.

      She called and said it fit PERFECTLY. Several weeks later she found the original but continued to use the one that I made.

      She had that cello since high school, took great care of it, and one musician in Japan who knew instruments offered her the equivalent of $50,000 for it in the late '90s. She did not sell it.
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