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  • New use for an old item

    I have been selling Texas shaped coasters for the past few years. Been selling about 400 a year. I sell them in groups of four.

    Last week a shopper asked me to make some with a Lions Club badge attached to them. She wants to give them out to members as paper weights. She supplied the badges and I drilled out a 1 3/4" recess with a Forsner bit in my already finished coasters. It was quick to do once I made a jig to hold the coaster as I drilled. I made 50 of them and she is talking about making 750 more in the future. She also had me make two boxes with their logo applied to them to give as awards.

    You just never know where simple projects will lead.
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    Well done.

    When I was overseas, (Japan) I used to cut out the state outline for co-laborers in the ministry for the state they were from. Then I would cut out the Kanji character for "heaven". They loved it. I did several with the state of Texas and the characters 天国

    When you do a great job sometimes, the job just gets bigger and bigger! Congratulations!

    I used to make my own business cards when in Japan (they are a necessity over there) and having used photoshop since version 2 and well experienced with layout, my cards looked exceptional. A few missionaries started asking me to make theirs vs the cost of a Japanese printing shop. In '98 when the Winter Olympics were in Nagano, our missionary who lived there was in Kobe visiting another missionary and I happened to drop by. The Missionary from Nagano asked me to make 500 business cards with Japanese one side and English the other and asked the price. Me: 10 yen a card - that would have been about $50. My time was donated because it was a ministry related item for the ministries during the Olympics. I made them up and sent them to him within a couple of days. THEN he sent me the $50, AND a request for 20,000. I told him my machine would not print that fast. He replied, if you get them to me in 2 weeks I'll pay you 15 yen per card. I went and bought a laser printer and made 20,000 cards, - 15,000 English-Japanese, 2500 Japanese-French, 2500 Japanese-Spanish. That extra 5 yen per card paid for a NICE laser printer.

    These extra orders have rewards. That sure was a good laser printer and it lasted about 10 years! Go buy you a new tool!
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      Cool idea. I have to say that scrollers are a very creative bunch of people.
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